CC Sabathia | Co-founder | PitCCh in Foundation Amber Sabathia | Co-founder and Executive Director | PitCCh In Foundation

CC Challenge

The CC Challenge was introduced in the Fall of 2011 and now serves as the primary fundraiser for the PitCCh In Foundation.  This unique and interactive event brings out the athlete in everyone in an “Amazing Race” type adventure through New York’s Central Park.

Thirty-two teams consisting of four to five members follow a series of hidden clues to solve puzzles, find actors with clues, and surmount light physical tests throughout the competition.  Each team is equipped with a duffle bag of supplies needed to complete the race course.  As it is a friendly competition, teams are vying for bragging rights to win for the coveted CC Cup.

The CC Challenge festivities kick-off at the official Rules Party the night before at a venue in Manhattan.  This is a relaxed and fun time to learn about the rules of the Challenge and engage in some friendly wagering.  

Even if you do not win the coveted CC Cup, every participant will leave with a gift bag, fun memories and the experience of a lifetime spent with new friends and going head to head in a friendly competition with Amber and CC Sabathia.


CC Cup Winners
3rd Annual CC Challenge - Winners: Goldman Sachs.



It was amazing.It was awesome going up and down the park, the clues were difficult, but it brought out the competitiveness in everyone. Some of the clues didn't bring us to the answers, but it would send us somewhere else to find another clues. So it kept things exciting. It was really cool.
David Saar of New York

I've done scavenger hunts, races and other things around the park, but never something like this.  It was awesome!
Adriana Garza of New York

Very well done...CC and Amber are very wonderful people. The fact that they give so much back to the community, that's all you can ask for. I would be very happy to do this again next year.
George Baldwin of New York