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Special Initiatives

Nathan Berhel Scholarship

In honor of the memory of Nathan Berhel, CC’s cousin and childhood friend, who passed away in June 2004, the PitCCh In Foundation established the Nathan Berhel Scholarship at Vallejo High School in 2011, CC’s and Nathan’s alma mater.

“Nathan was an important part of my life. He was a very focused, determined and courageous man on and off the field. A two-sport athlete in football and baseball, Nathan played with the biggest heart and toughest attitude as a team leader who supported and encouraged all members of his team to give 110%,” explained CC Sabathia.

EACH YEAR, two student athletes (1 male and 1 female) from Vallejo High School will be selected and evaluated based on the strength of the application, staff and teacher recommendations , and with the commitment to giving back. Each student must embody the qualities that defined the legacy left by Nathan Berhel. Past scholarship recipients who have been selected for this honor have been leaders on the playing field and excel in the classroom.

Nathan Berhel Scholarship Recipients


2012 Recipients

(l to r) Isaiah Patton (Recipient),
Margie Sabathia Lanier, Taylor Cash (Recipient)

Nathan Berhel Scholarship Recipients


2011 Recipients

(l to r) Anthony Piquit (Recipient),
Jason Berhel (relative of Nathan Berhel) and
Reyanna Stowes (Recipient)

Scholarship Information

Timeline for 2017-2018 academic year:

Submit Materials To:

PitCCh In Foundation

ATTN: Nathan Berhel Scholarship Program

PO Box 38

Alpine, NJ 07620

Materials received will not be returned. Submissions postmarked after May 15, 2018 will not be considered.